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**Useage Rules**

1) Anything in this account is useable for BOTH commercial and non commercial projects. (unless otherwise stated)
2) No need to ask, just download and use!
3) Please link back to this account OR my main account cosmosue in your deviation description
4) Please leave me a message either on the deviation or my front page, or you can send me a note, so I can see where you used something of mine, and so I can fav it.
5) Have fun!
6) My stock is fine to use in all dA prints - just link back is all I ask!

I didn't want this misc. stuff in my gallery so I am putting it here, its a general resource account so expect things like stock, tutorials, and brushes (if I ever get around to putting all my shit together! But maybe this will inspire me! lol)

Please visit my MAIN artwork account over at... :iconcosmosue:

Icons both here and my main account are gifts from a good friend RetroZombie
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tsemalon Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
you stated you can put a comment on the front page if you used something. perhaps youd like to remove that option from the journal, because as you know, those comments disappear after a while, plus you wont get noticed if someone posts there. I suspect you like it as much as I do, when someone used your stock. so to be sure you dont miss anything, let them make a comment somewhere it flips up in your message centre :ahoy:

btw, the stock ís beautifull, so I think you have a pretty spammed message centre when you log in to here ^_^ I usually have one or 2 m s a week and a comment ^-~
RetroZombie Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2005
:wow: You are awesome, I must say! This is so refreshing to see after browsing other people's stock and seeing all kinds of restrictions.
Thank you! :clap: :boogie:
cosmos-Resources Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2005   Digital Artist
awe thanks =) honestly I just want a link back so I can see what people do with the things I make available and to fav them! =) As someone who uses resources put out by other people all the time, its nice to be able to use those things commercially and not have so many restrictions! So I knew when I made this account I would be easy going about the stuff I put in it! =P
RetroZombie Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2005
Well, I for one am grateful that you're so giving; and I know I'm not the only one.
Renilicious Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
There are no emoticons for orgasmic ecstatics. *snickergiggle* THANK YOU!
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